Farmington, Missouri Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

The City of Farmington is assigned a Judge that travels out of the Cape Girardeau Workers’ Compensation Division office. The Cape Girardeau office covers, among other counties, the counties of St. Francois and Ste. Genevieve, Missouri.

Farmington Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

In 2015, the Farmington docket had the most work comp trials than other location covered by the Cape Girardeau office. Each area has its own docket location. It is important to check with our office and your notices to ensure proper location of your setting. Contact our office immediately at 314-631-6777 with any questions.

Why do you need a lawyer to handle your Farmington work comp injury:

  • Judges can not tell you whether the insurance company’s offer to settle is fair;
  • You do not know what you are entitled to and the insurance company will not tell you;
  • The insurance company takes the place of the employer – any loyalty you thought the employer had for your will not apply to the adjuster;
  • The insurance company’s main goal is to save money;
  • You need someone who has experience in the law to pursue the full extent of all benefits provided for you under the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Act;
  • There are time limits to act – do not miss a legal deadline or else you get nothing;
  • You may need additional treatment and legal assistance to pursue it;
  • You are only relying on the insurance company’s doctor and you do not have an independent doctor’s opinion of your own.

We only get paid when you get paid benefits

This is known as a contingency fee agreement. We have not changed this since we began. We recover a percentage of the total amount recovered in the end of your case. Therefore, it costs you nothing extra to hire us early on in your case. We actually recommend you hire us sooner to ensure your rights are protected.

Why hire us to represent you in your Farmington workers’ compensation matter:

  • 48 years of combined legal experience representing injured people only- We have never represented insurance companies
  • Family owned and operated with two generations of Edelman lawyers- Our lawyers are known to pick up the phone instead of staff;
  • Respected leaders in our field;
  • Former laborers and constructions workers;
  • Honest and straight forward advice;
  • Trial lawyers – We actively take cases to trial.

Contact a Farmington Workers’ Compensation Lawyer from the Edelman Law Office

Our number one goal is to make sure you receive the most medical treatment possible given today’s science and technology. After receiving the most treatment possible, our second goal is to recover the most compensation possible to ensure your financial stability.

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