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The Edelman lawyers have represented injured workers in the City of St. Peters, St. Charles County, and the surrounding counties of Missouri for over four decades combined. We do not represent employers and insurance companies. Our real testimonials and experience speak for themselves. We invite you to review them.

If you have been injured in the workplace, you need to take immediate steps to make sure you preserve your work comp rights. Some things you should do are: (This list is not exhaustive. You should always consult with an attorney first)
1 – Immediately report your injury in writing to your employer and demand medical treatment in writing;
2 – Document everything and keep copies of everything;
3 – Retain your paychecks for the 13 weeks before your injury to calculate your average weekly wage;
4 – Relay all of your symptoms to the employer’s doctor and receive treatment from the employer for all symptoms related to the injury. Make a list of your symptoms and problems relevant to the injury and give it to the doctor. Demand the employer provide the work restrictions indicated by the doctor;
5 – Do not believe your employer when they tell you that your work injury is not covered. They are usually wrong. The truth is the law has changed and most injuries are covered now including occupational disease, occupational exposure, inhalation, hearing loss, vision loss, carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, repetitive trauma, sudden accidents, and many other injuries.
6 – It doesn’t matter if you were at fault in causing your own accident – Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system. You get benefits regardless of your contribution in causing your injury.

In Missouri workers’ compensation, the employer usually refers the matter to their workers’ compensation insurance company. They are trained on how to minimize their payout on your case. They also have a team of legal professionals who represent their interests – not yours. Your first task should be attempting to heal from your injuries the best you can while receiving all reasonable and necessary treatment available. The lawyers at the Edelman Law Office understand how it feels to be injured on the job. All of our attorneys are former laborer and/or carpenters. You should have someone representing your best interests. The St. Peters workers’ compensation lawyers at the Edelman Law office are experienced when it comes to handling workers’ compensation cases.

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Reasons to hire a St. Peters workers’ compensation lawyer from the Edelman Law Office:

  • 48 years of combined legal experience-  Represented thousands of injured workers. We never represent insurance companies;
  • Our lawyers are former construction worker, laborers, or carpenters;
  • Trial Lawyers- We actively take cases to trial;
  • Family owned and operated- Straightforward & honest advice. We teach our clients about the law;
  • Our Lawyers are known to answer your calls instead of staff- You get help right away.
  • Known leaders in our field of law- We participate in seminars and give lectures to individuals on updates and changes of law in work comp.

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