Tips for Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney

It is very important to make sure you hire a trial lawyer who understands your type of injury and is prepared to hold the wrongdoer legally responsible.

What to Look for in Personal Injury Attorneys

  • Experience: We have a combined legal experience of 48 years representing injured people. We do not work for corporations and insurance companies. We never represent the other side.
  • Ability to go to trial: We regularly go to trial. We prepare each case as if it was going to trial. We do this ensure you are best situated for the event your case does not settle.
  • Communication: We send copies of all correspondence that comes in and out of our office to our clients. We incur extra costs and go to great lengths to do this because our client’s appreciate it and this way they know what is going on at all times.
  • Straight forward: You hire the entire Edelman family. We tell you straightforward any issues that may arise in your case.
  • Financially Capable to pursue the case:  Insurance companies have large budgets. You should have a lawyer who is financially capable of taking your case to trial.
  • Track Record and Testimonials: Most of our clients are from positive referrals from past clients and other lawyers and law firms who trust our office. We invite you to review our testimonials page.
  • Someone you trust. Thousands of clients have trusted us with their case in the past combined 48 years.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorneys in Missouri and Illinois

At the Edelman Law Office we take the protection of our client’s legal rights seriously. To discuss your potential case, please contact an injury lawyer at 314-631-6777.