5 Reasons to Hire Workers Compensation Lawyers

If your work related injury, illness, or disability is causing you to miss work and preventing you from going back to work, you need to have a backup plan as well as legitimate answers to concerns regarding you and your family’s future. How will you provide for your family and make ends meet during your time off from work? How will you shoulder the costs of your medical treatment and expenses? How will you earn money if you are permanently disabled?

Set your mind at ease by calling our workers compensation lawyers at Edelman Law Office. As a team of experienced workers compensation lawyers in the St. Louis area, we believe in delivering a personal, immediate, and attentive service. You will not have to go through bureaucratic paperwork just to speak with an injury lawyer – you can talk to one right away to get the answers you need.

How Hiring Workers Compensation Lawyers Can Help You Win Your Case

You might be having second thoughts about hiring workers compensation lawyers to work for you, and that is completely understandable. You are probably thinking of the professional legal fees that could pile up. After all, you are just filing a claim, and it is just paperwork, so it should not be too hard, right? Unfortunately, this is not true. There are numerous reasons why hiring workers compensation lawyers to work on your case will benefit you.

The following are some reasons why you should hire a law firm such as Edelman Law Office to help you with your claim, instead of attempting to do all of the work on your own:

  • You only pay when you get paid: One of the primary reasons to hire a workers comp attorney is the contingency fee arrangement. When working with most workers compensation lawyers you pay through a contingency payment arrangement. That means there are no upfront fees, and you only pay them once you get paid. Our fee is a percentage and never changes.
  • A lawyer will help you understand your rights: Workers compensation laws are extremely intricate and complicated, not just in Missouri, but all over the country. Also, workers compensation is different, state by state. If you are not working in this field on a daily basis, then you can find yourself easily lost in the legal system. Working with our experienced and knowledgeable workers compensation lawyers means you get all of the help that you need to navigate through the perplexing legal system and complex legal documents. There is no second-guessing, and you are confident that every legal move you make is in your best interests.
  • A lawyer is more knowledgeable about the law than you are: Workers compensation lawyers are not only knowledgeable in the field, but they have real world experience in the practice of law, especially in front of judges and other attorneys. They are experienced when it comes to going to mediations and arguing issues of the law.
  • A lawyer knows how to maximize your recovery: In order for you to maximize your workers compensation benefits, you need to hire workers compensation lawyers who can negotiate for a fair settlement. People who hire a lawyer usually get more than those who do not.
  • Experts needed: We are able and willing to retain unbiased experts in the medical job evaluation field to evaluate your case.

Contact Our Missouri Workers Compensation Lawyers

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