Tips from a Workers Comp Attorney for a Successful Claim

When a worker is injured at work, he or she is faced with the possibility of having to pay for expensive medical treatments with no income coming in. The good news is that Missouri workers comp laws allow the worker to receive compensation that is up to 2/3 of their average weekly wage during the time he or she is not able to report for work. Often times this compensation is greatly needed to support injured workers and their families. Unfortunately, careless employers and dishonest insurance companies often work to delay or reduce the benefits due to the injured worker in an effort to reduce their costs.

With the help of a workers comp attorney from the Edelman Law Office, you need not settle for less than what you deserve. We are experienced when it comes to Missouri workers compensation laws, and can help workers throughout Missouri and Illinois collect the benefits they are entitled to. In order to start, please call our number at 314-631-6777and speak to an injury lawyer today.

Working with a Workers Comp Attorney

At Edelman Law Office, we believe that educating our clients right away is key to ensuring a successful workers comp case. In this regard, here are some tips from our workers comp attorneys on what to take note of right away after the injury has occurred in the workplace.

  • Do not wait. Report your injury and demand medical treatment in writing to your employer immediately. Failure to do so within 30 days may jeopardize your benefits and claim.
  • Be consistent. Do not leave any room for error. It is completely understandable if there are inconsistencies in your testimonies due to the medication you are taking and the extent of your injuries. Unfortunately, this is something your employer or their insurer might try to use against you. Request for your doctor to document in writing what you have told him or her for your protection.
  • Communicate your medical status, treatment, and symptoms. If you do not complain about your symptoms, the doctor will not be aware of them, and you will not receive the treatment you need. Therefore, make sure to communicate all of your symptoms and concerns.
  • Be in it for the long haul. As much as possible, the goal is always to achieve a great, speedy recovery. Unfortunately, this will not always be the case – and there will be instances when, in order to receive the benefits you are entitled to, you will have to go to trial. Going to court can be stressful and draining, so you need to re-evaluate your expectations every now and then, depending on where you are in the case. Not all attorneys go to trial. The Edelman Law Office tries cases on a regular basis.
  • Keep everything in writing. Your memory may not be as sharp and focused as it used to be prior to the workplace accident, so it pays to keep a journal with names, numbers, addresses, and other important information.
  • Hire a workers comp attorney immediately. Being early will not cost you anything extra, so find a workers comp attorney as soon as you can. While we recommend a professional workers comp attorney who is experienced in the field, you should at least consult with some lawyer immediately. Know the requirements, documentation, and deadlines beforehand so that you will not encounter problems down the road.

Contact Our Workers Comp Attorneys in Missouri

If you are injured in a work place accident, contacting an experienced workers comp attorney from Edelman Law Office to discuss your legal options is the best thing you can do right away to ensure a successful claim. In Missouri and Illinois, call us at 314-631-6777 to discuss your case with an injury lawyer and learn what you can do to maximize your benefits received.