8 Common Misconceptions of Workers’ Compensation Laws

Workers’ compensation laws can be very complex and confusing, and there is a lot of information floating around about workers’ compensation laws that can be downright misleading. If you suffer an injury in the workplace, be careful not to fall victim to the 8 common misconceptions listed below. If you have been injured on the job and have questions on what to do next, contact our injury lawyers today online or by calling 314-631-6777.

Workers’ Compensation Misconceptions

  • I trust my employer to do the right thing. It is important to understand that an employer often has their own interests in mind and not yours. Therefore, you need to proceed with caution when you have an injury in the workplace. In many instances, employers and their insurance companies will do whatever they can to minimize their costs, even to the extent of refusing your claim. When your employer informs you that your injury is not covered by workers’ compensation laws, or refuses to report your injury to the insurer, then it is time for you to seek legal representation.
  • I will get fired from my job. Employers do have the right to terminate their employees as long as it is within legal reason. You have the right to proceed with a claim against the employer if the employer has fired you for filing a workers’ compensation case. An employer cannot fire an employee for seeking workers’ compensation benefits and for consulting with an attorney to help them with their claim. If you have been terminated from your job for filing a workers’ compensation claim, consult one of our attorneys from the Edelman Law Firm to help you right away.
  • I will use the wait-and-see approach. If you are injured while on the job, you should seek employer authorized medical attention and report it in writing to your employer right away. Seeking medical attention immediately from the employer after the injury occurs is critical to having your claim approved. The medical records will serve as documentation and evidence that the injury did indeed take place at work. Notice to the employer is required.
  • Having a lawyer will cost me too much. Here at Edelman Law Office, we operate under a contingency fee arrangement. This means we only get paid our fees when you get paid. This is our preferred method of payment because we believe it is the model of efficiency, as both parties involved will benefit recovering the maximum amount possible.
  • I’ll use my own doctor first before reporting it. Under workers’ compensation laws, your employer gets to choose your doctor unless it is an emergency situation or if your employer has waived their right to choose one for you. If you go to your own doctor, this could jeopardize your ability to collect benefits under workers’ compensation laws. You need to talk to an attorney first before seeing your own doctor.
  • I can handle it on my own. While you can definitely file a workers’ compensation claim on your own, if your injuries are severe and permanent, or if you need to appeal a denied claim, then it is often in your best interest to consult with a workers’ compensation lawyer. A lawyer at Edelman Law Office will be knowledgeable about workers’ compensation laws in Missouri and can represent your interests to make sure that you collect the maximum amount possible.
  • My employer is no longer in business so there is nothing I can do. Under workers’ compensation laws, you can still get workers’ compensation benefits even if your employer is no longer in business. You can seek compensation directly with the insurance company.
  • I am embarrassed to sue. Employers consider Workers’ Compensation coverage as part of doing business, and as a result, they expect claims to be filed from their employees. There is nothing embarrassing about filing for a workers’ compensation claim, as it is within your legal rights as a worker under workers’ compensation laws that you are entitled to certain benefits as a result of your workplace injury or illness.


Get Your Facts Straight by Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Admittedly, workers’ compensation laws can be very confusing for a person who is not familiar with how the law works. If you were told to use your health insurance instead of filing a claim or if you feel you are not receiving the benefits you deserve, you can seek assistance from a workers’ compensation lawyer. Even if you are receiving benefits from the employer, you should still call us. Employers will often discontinue treatment and/or offer you a small settlement.

The Edelman Law Office is dedicated to helping injured workers in Missouri get the benefits they are entitled to under workers’ compensation laws. To speak with our injury lawyer, please contact us directly at 314-631-6777.