When to Hire a Traffic Injury Lawyer

Traffic Injury Lawyer in St. Louis, Rolla, & Sullivan

Calling a lawyer as soon as possible costs you nothing extra. It could prevent you from making a mistake or settling for less than a fair amount. We provide free initial consultations over the phone. Our office accepts cases on a contingency fee agreement.

  • Our fee is the same whether you hire us now or later.
  • We do not get paid unless we receive compensation for you

The longer you wait, the greater the risk you may hurt your own case to the point a lawyer may be unwilling to represent you. If you wait beyond the statute of limitations to file in court then you will receive nothing.

Questions you might have:

  • The adjuster wants me to sign unlimited medical authorization. Should I?
  • They asked me to give a recorded statement. Should I?
  • The adjuster is denying my case. What are my options?
  • Are there multiple insurance policies that are legally responsible for providing coverage?
  • Has the adjuster correctly interpreted their policy for coverage?
  • What are stacking or anti-stacking provisions in the policy of insurance? Can I stack coverage?
  • Should I report the injury and damage to my own insurance?
  • One of the parties violated a traffic law (i.e. failed to wear a seatbelt). How will this affect my case?
  • I am an injured passenger or pedestrian. What are my rights against the driver and any other vehicles involved?
  • What is bad faith? Has the insurance company acted in bad faith?
  • The adjuster has made me an offer to settle my case but I am not done with treatment. Is it fair?

How a Traffic Injury Lawyer Can Help

  • Investigation – It is very important to recover, retrieve, and prevent the destruction of evidence immediately;
  • Experts – Your may require an accident reconstruction or other qualified experts to review your injury;
  • Negotiation for settlement. Let the defendant know you are willing and able to take the case to trial should they be unfair and unreasonable;
  • Third party cause of action – You may have another separate case against another party for their wrongdoing;

Contact a Traffic Injury Lawyer in Missouri & Illinois

If you have been injured in a car crash or any other accident, do not risk receiving less compensation than you deserve. Speak with a traffic injury lawyer from the Edelman Law Office today about your case. To speak to an injury lawyer to discuss your case call 314-631-6777.