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Many of our clients are referred to us by other lawyers and law firms who find it in the best interest of their clients to have us handle the case to trial and appeal. We are honored and appreciate this. We also appreciate the countless numbers of clients who have referred their friends and family.

Thank you.

Below are actual testimonials that have not been altered in any way:


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“In late 2011 I was unfortunate enough to have been injured while at work. To keep it short my leg was badly crushed by a machine and required emergency surgery. A few days later I started getting the run around from my employers insurance company when I felt I needed additional care. This is when I knew something had to be done.

A friend of my wife suggested I give Edelman Law Office a call, he had used their services in the past and was very pleased. After calling and speaking with Mr. Edelman I knew these were the guys I wanted to be on my side. Soon after they started working for me (literally hours) I finally got the care I was needing! During my care doctors discovered that I had developed a blood clot in my leg and embolisms in my lungs. If this were left untreated I could have easily died. So yes, in a way Edelman Law Office saved my life. They were there to fight for my every right and need, and keep me informed every step of the way, just as they promised they would. As an end result I got the care and compensation I deserved, they executed everything professionally and flawlessly. Words cannot express how grateful I am to this firm. I highly recommend making the Edelman Law Office your first call, it just might save your life!!”

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“Ronald D Edelman is a great attorney. If you are looking for a competent, professional lawyer that is committed to a successful outcome, Edelman Law Office did an excellent job on my case.

You know he has your best interest in mind and works diligently on your behalf. I was able to trust his knowledge, experience and integrity as he and his son’s Steven and Marshall worked through the legal process for an successful outcome. I am very happy with the results and he is continuing to work on some final issues.  I would highly recommend this office – Edelman Law Office.“

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“This is a glowing review for this law firm and the wonderful and kind attention that was  given to me in regard to a workers compensation claim that I had this firm to represent me.  The way that they kept me informed and the professional handling of this case was outstanding.

As a client I was treated with respect , by each an every member  of this firm.  This is a family of lawyers and understand how to be informative and clear in their explanations . Each and every step was made available to all the members so that when you would call with a question the answers were available.  I would recommend this firm to anyone who is in need of a Workers compensation or personal injury  lawyer.”

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If you want the best firm in work comp or personal injury cases in MO or IL look no further you have found the best of the best.

Dedication over three decades & two generations has created a well balanced team totally dedicated and experienced to ensure justice for the people injured. Free consultaion to inform you of any options and / or legal rights which empowered us to make intelligent decisions, and protect my legal rights throughout the case. This law firm has a superb reputation in both MO & IL community which creates wonderful representation and results for clients. While this team is very aggressive to protect your rights, they are very compassionate and approachable. You might even learn every day tips like you’re to informative when speeking to others in todays world that could be dangerous. You learn from them life pointers & tips with out even asking or knowing it until the end of the journey. Thank you for fighting tirelessly for the compensation benefits deserved. Along with informing, respecting & defending my case as your own. Its wonderful to have your group in my family Bernie loved your Firehouse office. Thanks Again!”

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“Mr Edelman has been my attorney for the last 10-15 years. He has given me world class treatment. Every step of the legal process he has explained everything to my satisfaction.

If you want an attorney who will due his best for you then call them. This is the best attorney I know! He never dismissed me just with a few words everything was explained to me so I could understand it. A+++++++++++++++”)

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“If you are looking for the BEST Work Comp or Personal Injury Casualty lawyers in either IL or MO, look no further.  In my 35 year career I have worked with attorneys all over the U.S. and there are only a handful that excel, Ron Edelman is one of them.

When my WC case got dumped on him, he concluded it in MY best interests.  He kept me informed, he listened to my opinions, he advised me, he did  his homework, and he truly cared.  Steve Edelman did a wonderful job advising on insurance contracts, to my advantage.  If you are looking for attorneys with integrity, trustworthiness, experience, professionalism and everything you want or expect to find in the perfect relationship with an attorney when you are in pain and suffering every day, you have come to the right place.  I recommend this law firm very highly!  I would certainly use them again.”

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