7 Keys to Selecting the Best Workers Compensation Attorney

If you have been injured or contracted illness due to the nature of your work, hiring a workers compensation attorney can be the best move you make. Even if the injury is slight and “not to serious,” if it causes you to miss out on money you otherwise would have received or results in costly medical bills, you have a right to collect the benefits to which you are entitled.

Here at Edelman Law Office, our workers compensation attorneys are passionate advocates of the rights of injured and disabled workers throughout Missouri. If you need legal assistance regarding your rights as a worker, you can immediately talk to an injury lawyer by calling us at 314-631-6777.

Things to Look for in the Best Workers Compensation Attorney

If you are ready to hire a workers compensation attorney to help you with your claim, here are some tips and things to look for during the selection process. You should be looking for a workers compensation attorney who is:

  • Experienced in workers compensation – You should hire a workers compensation attorney who has an extensive experience in this field of law. The workers compensation attorneys at Edelman Law Office have a combined 40 years of experience of working in this field.
  • Willing to go the distance – Knowing when to settle is another crucial element. We do not hesitate to go to trial to recover what you are entitled to. We go to trial on a regular basis to make sure our clients get the maximum benefit.
  • Communication – Our law firm’s workers compensation attorneys are very accessible. In fact, the attorneys are often the ones answering the phones when you call our offices. Also, since we are a family law firm composed of two generations of lawyers, you can expect to be treated like part of our family as well.
  • Willing to educate – We believe you are very much capable of understanding your own case, so we educate you in the intricacies and nuances of the legal system. You are kept fully informed of every movement in your case. We work as a team.
  • Easy to work with – Of course, you will want to work with someone you feel comfortable with. Filing a workers’ compensation claim is a highly personal and emotional process, brought upon by a traumatic experience. You will need a workers comp attorney that is compassionate, someone you can relate to, and feel comfortable with. Our firm’s group of lawyers will make you feel at ease. You can take comfort knowing we have also worked in physically demanding occupations before becoming lawyers such as carpentry, roofing, and construction, so we know what it is like to be out there in the field.
  • Financially stable – Most of the lawyers within our industry operate on a contingency fee arrangement, so sometimes they push you to accept the first settlement offer just to keep their costs down and receive payment right away, but not us. We are financially stable and capable, so that means we can afford to see your case through to the end.
  • Credible – Do not make the mistake of hiring a workers compensation attorney based on the recommendation of a person or two. Instead, seek a community of workers who have gone through the same experiences that you have. Seek out law firms that are established and credible, such as the Edelman Law Office. Our best advertisements come in the form of word of mouth, and most of our business comes through referrals from our past satisfied clients. We also are referred cases by lawyers who do not have the experience in workers compensation.

Experienced Workers Compensation Attorneys Fighting for Missouri Workers

Choosing the wrong attorney to work on your case can cost you a lot of time and money. Therefore, when choosing the best workers compensation attorney, it is good to compare your options.

The workers compensation attorneys at Edelman Law Office check off everything on the list above – and so much more! We are experienced, compassionate, and willing to go the distance with you. We take the time to study and understand your situation, and we fight aggressively to protect your rights until the very end. Call us at 314-631-6777 to speak with an injury lawyer today and get answers to your pressing questions.