Steps for Preparing to Meet with Your Workers Comp Lawyers

If you have been injured while at work or in the course of your employment, you should hire workers comp lawyers who can help you on your case, especially if your injury is severe and will have a lasting impact on your life. Once you have decided to look for an attorney, consider these two things: look for workers comp lawyers who only represent injured workers and attorneys who concentrate their practice solely in that area.

Here at Edelman Law Office, we only handle personal injury and workers comp cases. We are a firm that exclusively represents workers throughout the state of Missouri and Illinois, and not big businesses. In order to speak with an injury lawyer and to discuss your case, please call us at 314-631-6777.

What to Bring When Meeting Your Workers Comp Lawyers for the First Time

Once you have narrowed down the field, and have decided on a law firm, the next step will be that first meeting with your chosen workers comp lawyer. This meeting will set the tone for your future meetings with your workers comp lawyers, so it is important to provide all of the relevant information that will be needed in order to pursue your claim or case.

Here is some of the documentation that you will need to bring to your first meeting with your workers comp lawyer, whether it is Edelman Law Office or some other firm:

  • Bring everything you have accumulated so far on your workers comp case, including medical records already in your possession. You will not need to order your medical records because we will be ordering a certified copy of it.
  • Make sure that any provider who takes a diagnostic study (i.e. EMG, MRI, X-ray, CT scan, etc.) on you provides you with a CD or a printed copy of the actual film or test. You must then hold on to this piece of evidence and bring it to share with your attorney.
  • Bring any correspondence that you have received from your employer and the insurance company regarding your case.
  • Bring your wage records for the past 13 weeks prior to the date of your injury. This will become the basis for the computation of your Average Weekly Wage (AWW). Wage replacement and death benefit payments will be based on your AWW.
  • Bring documentation if you have a second job wage loss—meaning a second job that you could not work because of your injury—in order to get benefits for these lost wages.
  • Bring a list of all the medical providers, pharmacies, and therapists you have seen for the treatment of your injury, as well as any bills you have received for the medical treatment they have provided.
  • Before that initial meeting with your workers comp lawyer, write down your questions on a piece of paper so you do not forget and bring this with you to your meeting. Most injured workers are on prescription medications that might affect their memory or are experiencing severe pain that might interfere with their questioning. Therefore, you can make sure that you are able to get all of your questions answered.

Contact the Best Workers Comp Lawyers in Missouri

Here at Edelman Law Office, our workers comp lawyers do their best make you feel comfortable and at home. We will educate you throughout the process, provide you with options, and give you advice on the best course of action to take. Contact us today to get answers to your questions and to begin working with an injury lawyer on your case.