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Rolla has historically been an industrial and manufacturing city in Missouri with a rich tradition in technology and engineering. All of our lawyers have experience working in construction and various work trades prior to becoming lawyers. Our Lawyers have provided legal representation to injured workers in Rolla for a combined 48 years. We maintain an appointments-only office that is located between Rolla City Hall and the Phelps County Courthouse. Call us to reserve an appointment.

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Missouri Workers’ Compensation law is comprised primarily by statute RSMO §287. However, it is ever changing with new regulations and case law. Our lawyers actively take cases to trial, provide updated research and discussion in the law, and present in front of Administrative Law Judges and the Commission. You need a lawyer who will stay up to date in the law so as to ensure you are receiving all of the benefits you deserve. You do not receive a jury in workers’ comp. At the trial level, your case is heard by a qualified Administration Law Judge who only hears workers’ compensation matters.

Do not wait to talk to a lawyer because there are time limits to act under the law. It costs you nothing extra to hire a lawyer sooner than later. If you have any questions, contact one our injury lawyers at 314-631-6777 or 573-860-8886 (local) for a free, no-obligation initial case evaluation.

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There is currently no statutory permanent Workers’ Compensation Division office located in Rolla, MO. The Judges travel from their headquarters in Jefferson City to hear cases in Rolla. Usually, Court is held in the Rolla City Hall (in the City Counsel chambers) located at 901 N Elm St, Rolla, MO 65401. This location handles the Counties of Phelps, Dent, and Crawford. In certain situations you may also need to travel to Jefferson City for your case.

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As former construction workers and laborers we are strong advocates for injured workers. Do not trust the insurance company with your health and your family’s financial well being. Call us at 314-631-6777 or 573-860-8886 (local number) to speak to an injury lawyer for a free initial, no obligation, consultation. All of our cases are on a contingency fee. This means we only get paid once you receive compensation.