St. Charles, Missouri Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Our office has represented injured workers in St. Charles for over four decades. We are known in and around St. Charles County for protecting workers’ rights.  Our office consists of two generations of Edelmans lawyers. We do not and have not represented any businesses and insurance companies.

A lot of individuals are injured on the job in and around the City of St. Charles. You should not feel ashamed and alone if you were injured at work. You are entitled to benefits by law under §287 of Missouri Statute.

Missouri’s Workers’ Compensation was initially created as a compromise between employers and employees to provide a no-fault system for providing limited benefits to those workers injured during the course and scope of their employment. We invite you to review our guide to workers’ compensation.

Workers comp benefits may include but are not limited to: (not an exhaustive list)

  • Medical treatment and medical bills paid completely by the Employer-no copays;
  • Permanent total disability benefits for the rest of your life if you are unable to return to the competitive open labor market;
  • Lump sum Permanent partial disability benefits if you are injured but can return to work in the competitive open labor market;
  • Temporary Total Disability benefits while you are unable to work for a certain period of time while receiving medical treatment;
  • Second Injury Fund benefits.

St. Charles Division History

In 2014, the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation received 4,998 reports of injury from employers for the County of St. Charles alone. Of the total final work comp trials in 2014, the then existing St. Charles Division handled the third most in the state.

This Division has now re-opened! As of May 2020, Judge Kohner and *Judge Landolt are the Judges at the St. Charles Division located at: 3737 Harry S. Truman Blvd., St. Charles, MO 63301

* Judge Landolt has retired on or about the end of March 2021. She had been appointed on 6/15/1998.

The St. Charles Division of Workers’ Compensation closed around 2015. It had existed for decades. The two Judges of the Division at that time were Judge Gorman and Judge Kohner with Clerks Cathy and Lynn. Judge Kohner then moved to the St. Louis Division. All cases formerly handled by the St. Charles division were then absorbed by the St. Louis Division of Workers’ Compensation. If you were hired or injured in St. Charles, you were still entitled to work comp benefits. The only difference was is that your case was heard in St. Louis and assigned a St. Louis Judge, and you had to travel to St. Louis for your case. That is no longer the case now that the St. Charles Division has re-opened.

Our office headquarters is located in St. Louis at the old Affton Firehouse in south county. Our office regularly appears at the St. Louis Division of Workers’ Compensation. This allows injured workers in St. Charles a convenient location considering St. Louis is handling the St. Charles docket.

It is unclear if the St. Charles Division will come back. St. Charles County was the fasting growing city in Missouri from 2010-2015. St. Charles County has the third largest county population (385,590) in Missouri and one of the largest workforces in the state.

If you were injured at work and are unsure what your workers’ compensation rights are, call us at 314-631-6777 to talk to a St. Charles injury lawyer.

How a St. Charles Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Help You

Here are a few reasons you should hire a St. Charles workers’ compensation lawyer from the Edelman Law Office:

  • 48 years of combined legal experience helping thousands of injured workers;
  • Family owned and operated;
  • Honest and straightforward advice; Our lawyers are former construction worker, laborers, and carpenters;
  • Trial Lawyers- We actively take cases to trial;
  • Respected leaders in our field- We participate in seminars and provide information to people on changes of law in workers compensation.

Do Not Wait To Contact A St. Charles Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Call us at 314-631-6777 to learn more and for a free initial case evaluation with an injury lawyer. We do not get paid unless we recover benefits for you.