Most Common False Facts About Missouri Work Comp

Many times injured workers are told false information about Missouri Workers’ Compensation. Below, please find some of the top false facts spread about Missouri Work Comp along with their corrections. You can also view our Top Common False Facts chart. Chart of MO work comp false facts

Missouri Workers’Compensation

FALSE- You have no case because you hurt yourself.
TRUTH Fault does not matter. You still have a case.

FALSE- You automatically lose if you don’t report the injury the same day you are hurt.
TRUTH You must give written notice within 30 days. Actual knowledge and verbal notice may be enough.

FALSE- You no longer work for the employer and therefore get nothing.
TRUTH If you left the job you can still file a work comp claim

FALSE- You went to your own doctor so therefore you forfeit all benefits.
TRUTH You may have to pay for that doctor visit but you still can pursue benefits from the employer. In many cases you only find out your injury was work related from your own doctor.

FALSE- Carpal Tunnel & Occupational Diseases aren’t covered
TRUTH These are covered in workers’ compensation- including all repetitive trauma injuries. In fact, most injuries are covered.

FALSE- You don’t have a case because your employer is out of business.
TRUTH You still have a case. The work comp insurance still covers it. Even if the insurance is bankrupt you can still pursue the Missouri Guarantee Insurance Fund.

FALSE- Employer tells you to submit the work injury bills to your company health insurance plan.
TRUTH Always insist work comp pay. It is at no cost, no copay, & zero deductible to you. Work comp is separate and apart from health insurance

FALSE- Employer tells you they never owe you mileage.
TRUTH Employer shall advance/reimburse transportation when medical appointments are outside metro area where you worked.