Illinois Workers’ Compensation: When do I have a workers’ compensation case in Illinois?

820 ILCS 305. Sec. 1 (b)

You have an Illinois workers’ compensation case if one of the following situations applies to you:

  1. The work injury occurred in Illinois regardless of the state you were hired.
  2. The work injury occurred outside the state of Illinois and your contract for hire was made within Illinois NOTE: If the last act of hiring you occurred in Illinois, then Illinois has jurisdiction, for example- you signed your employment contract in Illinois or completed your work training in Illinois.
  3. Workers whose employment is principally localized within the State of Illinois, regardless of the place of the accident or the place where the contract of hire was made, including non-citizens and minors.

It is very important that you recognize your ability to file your workers’ compensation case in Illinois if one of the above situations applies to you because there are important benefits under Illinois law that you are entitled to. One of these benefits under Illinois law is that you have the right to choose your medical provider to provide you with medical treatment for your work injury. The employer will then have to pay for your chosen medical provider.

If you’ve suffered a work injury in Illinois or you were injured outside the state of Illinois but you were hired in Illinois, call our law office immediately to discuss your rights under Illinois workers’ compensation law.