Three Major Workers’ Compensation Benefits under Missouri Workers’ Compensation Law

Missouri Workers’ Compensation Benefits:

The Three Major Benefits under Missouri Workers’ Compensation are the following:

  1. Authorized medical treatment paid for by the employer/insurer. In Missouri, the medical provider is chosen by employer/insurer, which is called authorized medical treatment. Authorized medical treatment is explained in Missouri law in the Revised Statutes of Missouri (RSMo) Section 287.140
  2. Temporary Total Disability (TTD): This is a check that you get each week you are off work because of the work injury. TTD checks are equal to two-thirds of your gross average weekly wage (AWW). Temporary total disability is explained in RSMo Section 287.170
  3. Typically a lump sum settlement or a lump sum awarded to you by the trial judge to compensate you for the permanent disability you suffered due to the work injury. See Code of State Regulations (CSR) under 8 CSR 50-1.010 et seq.

Common Problems and Issues for Injured Workers in Missouri Workers’ Compensation Cases:

Employers and workers’ compensation insurance companies often pay injured workers a lower, incorrect amount of temporary total disability (TTD) and under settle cases with injured workers who are not represented by a workers’ compensation attorney. Employers will often terminate medical treatment when it become too expensive despite the fact that you are not finished with medical treatment and require further surgery or evaluation.

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Steven A. Edelman, Attorney