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Settlements and Trial Awards

The third major benefit in Missouri Workers’ Compensation cases is typically a lump sum settlement or a lump sum award from a trial judge to compensate the injured worker for permanent disability as a result of the work injury. 

  1. Settlements:

A settlement in a Missouri Workers’ Compensation case is when the injured worker agrees to accept a lump sum amount of money from the employer and workers’ compensation insurer to close their workers’ compensation.  

NOTE: Settlements must be approved by a workers’ compensation judge, who is referred to as an administrative law judge (ALJ). If a settlement contract is not approved by a judge then the settlement agreement is likely unenforceable, and the injured worker can still proceed forward with their workers’ compensation case. 

The law states under RSMo 287.390 in regards to Missouri Workers Compensation Settlements:

“Parties to claims hereunder may enter into voluntary agreements in settlement thereof, but no agreement by an employee or his or her dependents to waive his or her rights under this chapter shall be valid, nor shall any agreement of settlement or compromise of any dispute or claim for compensation under this chapter be valid until approved by an administrative law judge or the commission, nor shall an administrative law judge or the commission approve any settlement which is not in accordance with the rights of the parties as given in this chapter.  No such agreement shall be valid unless made after seven days from the date of the injury or death.  An administrative law judge, or the commission, shall approve a settlement agreement as valid and enforceable as long as the settlement is not the result of undue influence or fraud, the employee fully understands his or her rights and benefits, and voluntarily agrees to accept the terms of the agreement.

  2.  A compromise settlement approved by an administrative law judge or the commission during the employee’s lifetime shall extinguish and bar all claims for compensation for the employee’s death if the settlement compromises a dispute on any question or issue other than the extent of disability or the rate of compensation.”

  1. Trial Awards:

While many Missouri workers’ compensation cases settle with the employer/insurer, there are still many workers’ compensation cases that proceed to trial. A workers’ compensation case will proceed to trial if the injured worker and the employer and insurer can not agree on settlement terms to settle the workers’ compensation case.  In Missouri workers’ compensation cases trials are referred to as Hearings for a Final Award.

In Missouri workers’ compensation trials, there is no jury. There is only an administrative law judge (ALJ) that awards you money to compensate you for your work injury. 

If you have been hurt on the job and suffered a work injury, please call our office immediately to discuss your rights under Missouri workers’ compensation law. We work to obtain the largest settlement for you. We do not hesitate to proceed to trial if the employer and workers’ compensation insurer are unwilling to settle your case for what is fair and reasonable. 

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