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Authorized Medical Treatment Explained in Missouri Workers’ Compensation Cases


Authorized Medical Treatment Explained

Missouri Workers’ Compensation Law in section RSMo 287.140 states:

  1. “In addition to all other compensation paid to the employee under this section, the employee shall receive and the employer shall provide such medical, surgical, chiropractic, and hospital treatment, including nursing, custodial, ambulance and medicines, as may reasonably be required after the injury or disability, to cure and relieve from the effects of the injury. If the employee desires, he shall have the right to select his own physician, surgeon, or other such requirement at his own expense.”

As cited in the above Missouri law, authorized medical treatment under Missouri Workers’ Compensation Law is defined as medical treatment provided to the injured worker at no cost to the injured worker. Under Missouri law, The employer and workers’ compensation insurer get to the choose the doctor and medical providers to provide medical treatment to the injured worker.

The employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company is responsible by law to pay for and provide all types of medical treatment to cure and relieve the effects of your work injury. Medical treatment provided by the employer includes, but is not limited to, x-rays, CT scans, prescription medication, MRI, physical therapy, injections, surgery, EMG Nerve Conduction Studies, psychiatric and medical treatment for mental injuries, pain management, emergency medical treatment, ambulance, prosthetic replacement of injured body parts, canes, walkers, and even in home health care where applicable.

NOTE: The injured worker does not get to choose his own doctor or medical provider. If the injured worker goes to his own doctor or medical provider, then the injured worker is likely solely responsible to pay the medical bills for his own chosen doctor.


  1. At any time during your workers’ compensation case, the employer and workers’ compensation insurer will unnecessarily delay in providing you medical treatment.
  2. The employer and the workers’ compensation insurer will deny you medical treatment based upon the employer’s workers’ compensation doctor stating that you are released from medical treatment despite the fact that you have continuing, severe symptoms that need further medical treatment.
  3. The employer and the workers’ compensation insurer will deny you medical treatment in contradiction to a doctor’s recommendation for additional medical care.
  4. It is extremely important that you contact our law office immediately to discuss your case with an experienced attorney. One of our top priorities is to get you the medical treatment which you are entitled to by law.

If you’ve been injured at work and the employer is not providing you with authorized medical treatment or the employer and workers’ compensation have unjustifiably denied you medical treatment, please immediately contact our law firm at 314-631-6777.

Steven A. Edelman, Attorney